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Drainage Services Toronto

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Our Drainage System Solutions

Drainage systems are an important part of your home. Our experienced plumbers and tradesmen can handle any drainage-related instalment or issue that threatens your home from destructive water damage. From inside to outside your home, MDPA Construction has drainage solutions for you.
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Drainage Services Toronto

Waterproof From Outside

Window Well Installations and Repairs

Most basements in the Toronto area are designed and finished as living spaces. However, basements are susceptible to flooding and water damage. Basement-level window wells are an effective way of protecting your home from water damage, and proper installation and upkeep are critical to their effectiveness.

Foundation Wall Repairs

A damaged foundation wall can and will wreak havoc on your home and living spaces. MDPA Construction can repair the cracks in your foundation to keep your home dry and standing strong.

Weeping Tile Repairs and Installations

Weeping tile installation and repair can be back-breaking work, so it’s best to hire proven experts like MDPA construction to handle the heavy lifting and drainage solutions that protect your home.

Drainage Services Toronto

Waterproof From Inside

Clean Out & Backwater Valve Installation

In cities like Toronto, sewer backflow can be an issue, as heavy rain can overwhelm sewer systems. Backwater valves are an easy solution that will keep unwanted water from entering your plumbing system and damaging your home.

Sump Pump and Pit Installations

It’s impossible to control the amount of water in the ground. We can control where that water goes, and that’s where sump pumps come into play. Sump pump pits collect ground water and pump it out and away from your home.

Drainage Services Toronto

Other Drainage Services

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Installation & Repairs

Installing and maintaining sanitary and storm sewers are important for the preservation of the environment. MDPA Construction has the years of experience necessary to properly send your water and wastewater through the right pipes.

Culvert Install

It’s inevitable that a construction project will disrupt natural environments. That doesn’t mean that environments need to stay disrupted. We offer culvert installation to ensure that natural water sources can continue to flow, allowing natural ecosystems and habitats to thrive.

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