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Almost every construction project starts and ends with earthwork. Moving, displacing and replacing earth is a constant event on a job site, and MDPA Construction has the machinery and know-how to make your earthwork needs streamlined and efficient. Our experienced and certified machine operators will have your earth moving and your dreams taking shape in a safe and timely manner.
earthwork company Toronto

Earthwork Services Toronto

Explore MDPA Construction’s Earthwork Options

Trenching & Excavation

Critical aspects of any building project start with trenching and excavation. From laying pipes, wires or cables to pouring the foundation for your home, MDPA Construction can cover all of your trenching and excavation needs.

Backfill & Grading

Backfilling and grading are critical steps in any construction project for protecting your foundation and for ensuring a level terrain or suitable slope for your parking lot or driveway.

Parking Lots

If you need a place for vehicles, then our years of experience will help you plan for the size, flow and utility of your parking lot and recommend the best materials that align with your needs.

Land Clearing & Grubbing

Making land suitable for building and other uses often requires clearing and grubbing. Our heavy machinery can clear trees and vegetation and strip the roots from the soil to create ready-to-build-on land.

Silt Fence & Geotextile install

Construction sites can be detrimental to the environment, which is why we offer silt fences and geotextile installations to protect and preserve the waterways, soils and environments surrounding any job site.

In-Ground Pool Removal

In-ground pools which haven’t been properly maintained may cause your property value to depreciate. With our years of earthwork and excavation experience, MDPA Construction can safely and efficiently remove your in-ground pool without damaging or threatening the surrounding landscape and property.

Accessory Building Demolition

There comes a time when buildings, especially aged and derelict ones, need to come down. Rest assured that MDPA Construction can safely and efficiently demolish any building so you can put your property to better use.

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