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Stonework Services Toronto

Enhance your curb appeal, define your garden and revamp your backyard with MDPA Construction’s Stonework Services. Whether you’re in downtown Toronto or out in the suburbs, stonework is essential for a beautiful property and home.
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Stonework Services Toronto

Explore MDPA Construction’s Stonework Options

Interlocking Stone

Durable and long-lasting, interlocking stone incorporates a timeless look to your property. Interlocking stone is perfect for your driveway, front walkway, steps, garden pathways, and backyard patio.

Flagstone Install and Repair

This flat stone is perfect for rock paths, walls or fences. Over time, flagstone may begin to deteriorate, which is why we offer repair services to return your stone to its original look.

Natural Stone Install and Repair

Varying in shape, colour and size, natural stones can bring beautiful mosaics to your property’s hardscape projects. Like any natural material, natural stone may degrade, which is why we offer repairs and restoration.

Retaining Walls

Nothing gives your property depth and dimension like retaining walls. Add levels to your gardens or take advantage of your uneven landscape with a variety of natural or synthetic materials that work with your budget.

Boulder Walls

Take your retaining wall to the extreme with a boulder wall. With colossal rounded or squared stones, your home and property will reflect the strength and security of the castle walls of old.

Armour Stone

Used for both utility and aesthetic, armour stone stands strong against the elements. Use it to protect your shoreline from erosion, in retaining walls, steps and walks, or to add natural accents to your property.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete has many uses across many projects, from laying footings for your deck project, to driveways and walks and for a solid, waterproofed foundation to build your home.

Masonry Repairs

Despite its durability and strength, masonry can begin to deteriorate as it experiences the extremes of Canada’s climate. With this in mind, MDPA Construction is here to restore your property’s masonry to its original standard.

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